About Henry Quinlan

Henry celebrated his 80th birthday sky diving with one of his granddaughters and son-in-law.


Henry M. Quinlan, owner and publisher of Omni Publishing Company, has 40+ years of varied experience in the publishing of books, newsletters, DVDs and CDs and the organizing of seminars. He organized the first national seminars on the internet and law enforcement in the 1990s, including one that examined the Columbine School shooting.

He founded Quinlan Press, a book publishing company, in 1986. Notable among the books that he published are: “My Life in Space” by Wally Schirra; “Rebound” by KC Jones, coach of the Boston Celtics; “My Dad the Babe” by his daughter Dorothy Ruth Pirrone; “The Cops are Robbers” by Kevin Stevens, which was featured on 60 Minutes and made into an HBO movie.

At 80, I have experienced, in my own life, the need to be aware of the challenges that awaited me as I entered the final stage of life. I have been watching and appraising people in the retirement years since my mid-life crisis in my late thirties. As part of my search for answers, I took a course in a mid-life crisis at Harvard University Extension School. The course and years of counseling taught me about the role of loss in changes in life and how that loss can lead to a new rewarding course in life. From my forties on I took note of those who were living a life, in the retirement years, that was meaningful and rewarding and sometimes unique.

Building your emotional pension enables one to live life to the fullest until the end. It is a book that provides a non-financial guide to finding meaning, identity and purpose in retirement. 99% of all information about retirement is financial in nature. This presentation fills the gap in the information available to people planning to retire and those in retirement, and particularly those whose last stage of life is not working as they thought it would. As we all know, we do not live a fulfilling and rewarding life by focusing only on finances. 

In the past five years I have helped seniors write and self-publish their stories. There has been nothing that I have witnessed that motivates a senior like telling his or her story. Recent books published by Seniors:

They Were My Friends- Jack, Bob and Ted

By Gerard Doherty (age 89 years)

Born, Blessed and Blitzed in Britain But Battered at MIT 

By David Wilson, Emeritus Professor MIT (age 90 years) 

Five Courageous Mothers – Mothers Raising Children with Down Syndrome 

By Anne Roberts (age 65 years) 

A Prescription for BankruptcyA Doctor's Perspective on America’s Failing Healthcare System and How We Can Fix It

By Edward Hoffer, MD (age 75 Years)

Necessary Assets

By Jim Ring (age 64 years)

My Life in a Notebook

By Frances J. Newcomb (age 68 Years)

A Collection of Poems

Linda Strasburg (Age 66 Years) 

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