Mr. Quinlan,

Even though I am retired, I found great information that I can use in your presentation, “How to Build Your Emotional Pension.” As you stated, enhancing one’s life is a life-long process. I am very thankful I attended, and I have some new ideas for my grandchildren.

Paul Stratton

Hingham, MA

Hello Henry,

Your presentation was very practical and informative. Real information for real people. I would love a copy of the presentation or any information you may have. Totally worthwhile.


Prudence Fallon

Hi Mr. Quinlan,

Sincere thanks for a great presentation on the Emotional Aspects of Retirement.  You have made me think a lot more this week about how to maximize this time in my life.  I would greatly appreciate a copy of your presentation to share with my husband.  Another one who needs to think a lot more!! Thank you again and I hope that you'll come back to the Rockport Senior Center to give more talks.  Have a great evening.

Cynthia Johnson

Rockport, MA


Attended your informative program today.
Very very well done, sir.

Jim Roberti

Hyannis, MA


Thank you once again for your informative presentation at the Hingham Senior Center. It was both inspirational and useful. As mentioned, I would appreciate getting the PowerPoint slide deck, at your convenience.


Edward Boylan

Hingham, MA


I attended your presentation because I wanted you to tell me how to find you friends….. and you did! All of my friends have died and I have struggled in building new relationships.

Thank you,

John Allen 

Wellesley, MA