Table of Contents


1. How I came to this Topic

(a) My Own Experiences

(b) Studying

(c) Counseling

(d) Observing Others

2. Numbers – 200 – 99 – 62 – 18

(a) 200 hours of time to fill each month

(b) 99% of all information is financial

(c) 62 is the average age of retirement

(d) 18 years is the average length of retirement

3. Areas of Concern

(a) High divorce rate

(b) Increase in drug and alcohol abuse

(c) Number of seniors who admit to being lonely

(d) Depression

4. People whom I met along the way who got it right

(a) FBI Agent

(b) Movie Star

(c) Husband and wife teachers

(d) Plumber

(e) Banker

(f) Lawyer

(g) Non Profit executive

5.  Underlying Everything is Health

6. Myths about Retirement

(a) It is a cakewalk

(b) Men and women are the same

(c) A Hobby makes a lifestyle

(d) There are enough jobs around the house to keep me busy.

(e) Success in work life does not guarantee success in retirement

(f) I will be very busy

(g) Retirement means the end of work

(h) Retirement is a time of decline

7. There is no One Plan

8. Expect Change in these Areas

(a) Identity

(b) Marriage

(c) Eating

(d) Managing time

(e) Friendships

(f) Recreation

(g) Hobbies

(h) Work

(i) Schedule

(j) Sleep

(k) Household chores

(l )Family relationships

(m) Financial

9. Marriage in Retirement

(a) One working one is not

(b) Different views of finance

(c) Addiction problems

(d) Women have higher expectations for emotional life in retirement

(e) Husband around 24/7

10. Response Examples to Change

11. What to do – Finding Your Passion

(a) Steps to take to Discover Your Passion

12. Building your Emotional Pension

(a) Making a Plan

13. Grand-Parenting

(a) Different ideas

14.  Summary